English Pronunciation Classes in Bangalore: How to Pronounce Words

English Pronunciation Classes in Bangalore: How to Pronounce Words
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

English Pronunciation Classes in Bangalore: How to Pronounce Words

English pronunciation classes in Bangalore undo and redo what our schools taught us wrong. Few people in India seem to know how to pronounce words in English correctly.

English Pronunciation Classes in Bangalore: How to Pronounce WordsEnglish pronunciation of words is the worst thing we are taught in all Indian schools and colleges. It’s true of costliest elite schools as much as of free government schools for the poor. It’s also true of our internationally acclaimed institutes namely IITs and IIMs. I have been there, graduating from one of these institutes. Hence I know the truth of their inside story.

The same is true of our society in general as well. Nobody really seems to know how to pronounce English words correctly. The problem has gone so acute that the authorities of the language lately coined a new phrase titled ‘Indian Pronunciation’.

English Pronunciation Classes in Bangalore: How to Pronounce WordsBut coining a new phrase hasn’t really solved the problem. If you talk to a native English speaker, they aren’t able to get your meaning in the very first go. They almost always have to intercept the conversation saying “Sorry, I couldn’t get you. Would you please mind repeating what you said?”.

Instead you have to cut a sorry figure repeating your words more than once, at times with spellings. The process isn’t amusing at all but it certainly makes you an amusement for them as a person. Indians often become a laughing stock because of their pronunciations in the English speaking countries.

Why You Must Know How to Pronounce Words in English Correctly

Accent TrainingThe wrong pronunciation not only affects the words but also the accent of the entire sentence. Just like accent, word pronunciation also has a mother tongue influence on it. Even if the mother tongue influence is eradicated, the general ‘Indian influence’ still carries on.

If a native English speaker learns one of our Indian languages, it’s his or her duty to learn it well. If they speak it with skewed pronunciations or accent, the fault would lie on them. Same way when we speak their language, the onus of speaking it correctly lies on us. We should at least know the correct pronunciations of words if not the right accent.

The wrong pronunciations don’t only come from the ignorance of the right ones. It also becomes difficult to make them your first nature even after you have come to know them well.

English Pronunciation Classes in Bangalore: How to Pronounce WordsMy students often can and do pronounce a word correctly when told how to do so in isolation. But the same students after a few seconds pronounce them their old habitual way when speaking them in a sentence.

It takes lot many repeated sessions of practice after which they are able to make it their second nature. Making a correct pronunciation their first nature takes a whole lot more of time and practice.

It’s because habits die harder in the older ages. Children adapt the new pronunciation much faster making them their first nature with a lot less repetitions.

Who Joins My English Pronunciation Classes in Bangalore?

English Pronunciation Classes in Bangalore: How to Pronounce WordsMy students are generally the working professionals with high degrees at their behest. In the beginning of their career, they have no urgency to improve their communication skills than what they already have. But in a few years, when they reach near managerial levels to occupy those, they feel the grunt of it. Their barely average communication skills become the biggest obstruction in the way of their career enhancement then. That is how they come to me to my English pronunciation classes in Bangalore. Of course they do so to undo what they have done wrong in the past.

Why Do Children Adapt Pronunciations Faster than Adults?

English Pronunciation Classes in Bangalore: How to Pronounce WordsIt’s simply because they are more playful and less rigidly indulged in their habit patterns. They don’t TRY to memorize them hard; they just play with the sounds in a light playful manner.

Hence to quickly make them our first nature, we need to play with new sounds enjoying them the new way.

That’s where the problem lies. In the stressful struggle of career in life, we long back forgot our playfulness. We started taking everything seriously in life. It makes us heavy not only in our minds but also in our bodies. Heaviness robs us of our agility in our minds as well as in our bodies.

What’s the Way Out?

Spoken English IndiaWe simply need to unlearn all we have learnt wrong. We need to take in the new knowledge with an empty mind at our behest.

It actually means letting go of our ego reinforced by our achievements in the past. That’s what emptying the mind means. It comes from curiously enjoying exploring the new knowledge you acquired with all your playfulness involved in the said exploration.

You learn only if you enjoy the process of learning. Until you enjoy, you simply don’t learn. Hard work takes you nowhere here!

Spoken English IndiaAnyway, you do need to acquire the new knowledge first of all before processing it in the said playful way.

So I give you a sample list of correct pronunciations below that we in India generally pronounce wrong. It isn’t a comprehensive list, it just samples a few of them. There are thousands of them you will need correcting in my English pronunciation classes in Bangalore at Spoken English India.

Enjoy speaking them anew and just laugh at the ones you used before!

How to Pronounce Words:

Quarantine: How to pronounce quarantine

Genre: How to pronounce genre

Entrepreneur: How to pronounce entrepreneur

Pronunciation: How to pronounce pronunciation

Rendezvous: How to pronounce rendezvous

Chaos: How to pronounce chaos

Subtle: How to pronounce subtle

Martyr: How to pronounce martyr

Niche: How to pronounce niche

Environment: How to pronounce environment

Vulnerable: How to pronounce vulnerable

Chores: How to pronounce chores

Nostalgia: How to pronounce nostalgia

Archive: How to pronounce archive

Heir: How to pronounce heir

Triumph: How to pronounce triumph

Plagiarism: How to pronounce plagiarism

Ubiquitous: How to pronounce ubiquitous

Paradigm: How to pronounce paradigm

Renaissance: How to pronounce renaissance

Lingerie: How to pronounce lingerie

Do you want to take the first step to know how to pronounce words in English correctly?

If yes, join my English pronunciation classes in Bangalore at Spoken English India. It will not only correct your pronunciation of thousands of English words but also increase your vocabulary tremendously.

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