Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs / Services

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services Worldwide
(Last Updated On: August 20, 2020)

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services Worldwide

I provide state of the art content writing courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at Spoken English India. I do so in personal classes in Bangalore and in personal online classes for students from anywhere worldwide. The purpose of the courses is to develop your content writing skills in English for content writing freelance jobs Worldwide. Once you excel in your skill, you can pick up content writing jobs online or offline for a handsome salary. There are huge numbers of vacancies for content writing jobs in Bangalore alone. You can also set up your own company providing content writing services to different kinds of businesses locally. Your company can also take up content writing online jobs worldwide. Sky is the limit!

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideThe beauty of this niche is that you can complete your projects as content writing work from home jobs. You don’t need running to your office wasting your time and energy every day.

On the other side of the table if you run your own company providing content writing services, you’re comfortable too. You don’t need to hire a huge office complex in order to accommodate your work force working from office. You can simply employ them for content writing work from home jobs and you are good to go.

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideContent Writing Meaning

It’s the age of information that we are living in. You get any kind of information through some content created around it. Information that one is seeking may be technical, social, psychological, emotional, journalistic, creative, marketing and 1001 more varieties of it. Unless there is content, there cannot be an information exchange. That is what content writing does. It provides information, the most sought after commodity of the day!

Jobs for Content Writing

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideThere is a huge demand for content writers, especially for those who have the quality in their written content. They get employed to write content for websites, for businesses, for movies, for newspapers and for tutorials. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Also there are many content writing companies employing writers in order to regularly keep providing content to their clients.

In fact the demand is way more than the supply. It’s simply because creating quality content is not an easy job. But those who are really good at it find it extremely easy too!

Content Writing Freelance Jobs

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideIf you are capable of creating good quality content, you don’t even need getting tied up to a 9-5 job. You just need to build an impressive portfolio which you can show to the employers in immediate need of content. You can simply work from project to project for freelance jobs with the employers of your choice.

Also you get your freedom of working on your own terms. That certainly makes you more creative as well, coming up with much better quality every time. And the better quality you create, the more you go up in demand. That’s how stars are born in any field of creativity.

Content Writing Jobs Online

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideThe best thing about content writing is that it is not limited by geographical constraints. You can get a project from anywhere in the world. Complete it in the cozy environment of your home and send it back to anywhere the world over. That is what the beauty of content writing jobs online is! It also increases the canvass of your choice as to which employers you want to work with and which not. Moreover you get the joy of interacting with various different cultures all over the world. Not only this, it also gives you opportunities to travel internationally. This happens in case you come across working on a real big content writing project.

Courses for Content Writing

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideAs such there are no official academic courses that train, qualify and certify you as a content writer. But there are allied courses that stand quite close to it though not in a very broad manner. One of them is journalism, another is mass communication, and the most common is a degree in English literature. But all of them are very narrow in their canvass they provide. None of them actually provides you with flexible wide canvass training as far as multi-disciplinary content writing is concerned.

In fact different courses focus on different specific types of content writing training. But the guiding insight into all of them is exactly the same. Some of them will teach you writing website content alone. Some others will focus on writing for newspapers and magazines. A few others take up resume writing, letter writing, tutorials, testimonials and official company manuals. A few more specialize in training to write content for social marketing campaigns. But few of them will train you for insight that makes writing for any vertical a child’s play for you.

My Online & Offline Content Writing Courses in Bangalore & Out of Bangalore the World Over

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideI prefer to go with the latter approach so that you become a master in this field. I don’t want my students to be a servant to the limiting rules of a narrow niche alone. Also I am of the opinion that you should enjoy doing your job like flying free in the boundless sky. I don’t want you to keep following a monotonous binding track to move along endlessly.

I also prefer to teach all these courses in one multi-disciplinary course. But if you prefer to go with only one or two of them, I have no objections.

I provide both, the personal classroom sessions in physical presence as well as online sessions anywhere throughout the world. Hence it becomes very comfortable for students to join my intensive courses anywhere far or near.

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideAnother comfort that I provide is that I hold my long-hour sessions on weekends. The benefit is that on weekends you are free from your daily rut and come with an absolutely free mind. But that is not the only thing you do. On weekdays from Monday to Saturday, I instruct you to write your content every day. You do that every day and send it to me the same day. I keep checking the same on weekdays and discuss its assessment on Saturdays and Sundays in our long-hour sessions. After that I assign you five more topics to write and send during the next week from Monday to Saturday.

Can you see how efficiently we utilize our (and your) time in the most efficient way?

Content Writing Courses Near Me

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideIf I were you, I would prefer to join such content writing courses near me whether in Bangalore or elsewhere. But the way I handle my classes in long-hour sessions on Saturdays and Sundays alone is unique. Distance no more remains a limiting factor with this arrangement. It rather becomes a weekend outing even if you are not located very near to me in Bangalore!

You always have the option to join my online sessions in case distances deter you in Bangalore on weekends too. You will also have the only option of joining online if you are located outside Bangalore anywhere internationally.

English Language Proficiency for Content Writing Courses in Bangalore

How to Learn English Grammar at Spoken English Classes in BangaloreOne more caveat! Majority of content writing projects you are going to get will be using the language English to write. Therefore you need to have an absolute command over the structure and the expression in English.

But don’t worry even if you are not a master of English. I will interview you either in person or online before I admit you to my content writing courses in Bangalore. It will tell me where you stand in your command over the language. It will also tell me if you have the potential to improve within the duration of the course. In the latter case the duration of the course will be increased in order to teach you the language along.

Content Writing Work from Home Jobs

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideWork from home has become the need of the hour during Covid-19 pandemic. Luckily content writing work from home jobs are as efficiently performed as any location-based job.

In fact, working from home suits this niche better than working at location. The cozy environment of home makes your creative juices flow more easily as well as more effectively.

Whatever you do and whichever way you do it, ultimately it’s the quality of your content that rules.

Content Writing Services

Here is a list of content writing services you can focus at in your training. Later you can offer the same in your job or your business as well.

  • Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideArticle writing services
  • SEO Optimized Writing Services
  • Blog Writing Services
  • Product Manual Writing Services
  • Press Release Writing Services
  • Tutorial Writing Services
  • Technical Writing Services
  • Marketing Content Writing Services
  • Social Media Post Writing Services
  • Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideProcedure Description Writing Services
  • Product Description Writing Services
  • Letter/Email Writing Services
  • CV/ Resume Writing Services
  • Advertising Copywriting Services
  • Product Review Writing Services
  • Journalistic Commentary Writing Services
  • News writing services
  • Presentation/Speech Writing Services
  • Web content development services

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideWhatever you write or get written, the first step is to do as much research about it as possible. Once research is done, you need to plan the content architecture arousing curiosity in the very beginning. Third, you would elaborate the architectural points. You also need to give citations for your claims to establish conviction. You also have to take care of the flow of language as well as that of the subject matter. On top of it, you are bound to take care of the psychological graph your content is going to adopt. It deals with the curiosity that your content goes on evoking in your readers’ minds. Stories are not the most popular form of content for no reason. Their ongoing psychological graph of curiosity makes them so! In the end, the curiosity must get resolved giving way to a strong call to action.

Content Writing Jobs in Bangalore

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideAs far as India is concerned, Bangalore dominates the supply of content writing jobs. It is so because the major chunk of information technology is concentrated over here in this city. It is also the startup capital of India. Startups do require a lot of content as compared to already established businesses to promote their ventures.

If you have a good command over English, have creative juices flowing and are stationed in Bangalore, consider yourself lucky. You are positioned at the center of an opportunity to start or even switch to a lucrative career for yourself. The said opportunity also suits the educated housewives to work from the comfort of home at their own pace.

Content Writing for Website

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideContent writing for websites is highly in demand. And if you can write real good content, you can charge the maximum rates for premium websites.

On top of it, if you can SEO-optimize your content, you can also charge an extra amount for the same.

Luckily I am an SEO expert and can guide you in the right direction as far as SEO-optimizing is concerned. I am talking about writing the website content starting from the first word to its last click to publish.

Content Writing Salary

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideContent writing salary is not a fixed one in this niche. It all depends on how good the quality of your content is. It also depends on how good a quality your employers are looking for. The deeper the well, the sweeter the water! There is an entire spectrum of content salary ranging from a rupee a word to rupees 5 a word. It can be even more for some specific niche topics. Hence if you provide a 1000 word article, you can easily pocket a few thousand rupees. It just takes around 2 hours to do that along with doing your research on the topic. You don’t need to burn any midnight oil for that!

Content Writing Internships

Content MarketingAt times you may not feel confident to submit your content professionally right from the day one. In that case content writing internships come to your rescue. You help someone in preparing content for writing. Once it is done, your content gets sent to the employer in the name of the person you helped. Responsibility doesn’t lie on your shoulders. If it gets rejected, you are not to blame, someone else you were helping is. But in case it gets accepted, it builds up your confidence to do it on your own in your name. You make a jump from an intern to a regular writer with confidence in the quality of your writing.

Content Writing Companies

I already suggested you one of the options to set up a business as a content writing company. Or you can opt for submitting content to these content writing companies. They in turn submit the same to their clients.

Content Writing Companies in Bangalore

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideThere are hundreds and hundreds of established content writing companies in Bangalore if not thousands. The major players in the field are Upwrite, Text Mercato, Coffeegraphy, Wordplay Content, White Panda, Sabre and many more. Upwrite is providing content to the clients like Honda, Philips, Kotak, and Licious. Text Mercato serves CTrip, RedBus, FabIndia, D’Decor and Royal Bank of Scotland. Coffeegraphy writes for BlueStone, Act Fibernet and CouponRaja. White Panda gives voice to Radisson Hotels and Resorts, Lavelle Networks, Carlson Rezidor and Mirum. Sabre gives its services to Brillio, Brainshark, The Northcap University and Mobileum. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. In fact there is an ever-growing list of content writing companies and content seeking clients in Bangalore.

Content Writing Resume (Content Writing Portfolio)

CV ResumeContent writing resume mainly showcases your portfolio. The more impressive is your portfolio, the more effective turns your resume. Hence you seriously need to work on your portfolio once your training is over.

Luckily I do provide you with an opportunity to practice writing and publishing your content on my properties. That is after the training is over and you reach a mature level as far as writing content is concerned. I guide you to write content on my websites and rank it on the first page of Google results. If you are able to do that, it makes an important addition to your portfolio. You can write as much content as you will and rank it to add to your portfolio.

Content Writing Courses Online

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideContent writing courses online save your time and energy to commute and your money spent on transport. And I do provide content writing courses online along with those in Bangalore. But I am only one single person and I have limited time at my behest. You may wonder why I don’t employ extra staff in such a scenario.

I would never do that since I am extremely conscious about the quality of my courses. The logic is very simple. If someone has a real good quality to train you, she/he won’t go to another employer and work for them. I hope you got my point. Hence I do it myself as I want to do it the best.

Content Writing Tools

What are the tools of this trade? Well, you need quite a few of them.

All these are essentially free to use tools though some of them have their paid versions as well.

Content Writing Topics

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideContent writing topics depend on what your employer wants as content. But you can always make them more attractive with the help of Blog Ideas Generator as mentioned above.

Just keep in mind that the headline of your content makes the first impression on the psyche of your reader.

And never forget that your employer is going to be the first reader of your content!

Content Writing Skills

As I mentioned earlier, your command over the structure and the expression of English makes your most basic skill.

Apart from this, you also need to go through the following procedure we already discussed above. I am just naming them below to remind the same to you.

  • Content Writing Courses in Bangalore for Online Freelance Jobs & Services WorldwideResearch
  • Arousing Curiosity
  • Architecture
  • Elaboration
  • Citations for Conviction
  • Linguistic Flow
  • Content Flow
  • Psychological Graph
  • Curiosity Resolution
  • Call to Action

Content Writing Bangalore

BloggerBangalore has come up to be the most central hub for content writing creation and consumption in India. Hence if you are positioned in Bangalore, you are sitting in the very midst of a great opportunity. Don’t miss joining my content writing courses especially if you are stationed in Bangalore. Make hay while the sun shines.

And I think that the sun is never going to set like the proverbial sun of the erstwhile British Empire. Carve your niche and jump into the action of building a lucrative career for yourself!

Content Writing Samples in English

During your training with me, I will also be providing you with all kinds of content writing samples in English. Good and bad, both! As they say example works better than precept, such sample may provide you with an intuitive insight into it.

Content Writing Training

ContentYour content writing training will start from day one after you have taken admission in any of my courses. It is not a mechanical course of a fixed duration. Rather its duration keeps changing from person to person depending on their initial level and speed of learning. As I told you before, we will be working all the seven days of the week. Out of these seven days, you will be writing different content articles from Monday to Friday and submitting them online.

I will check each one of these the same day I receive them and prepare its critique from different angles. As we meet on Saturdays and Sundays in person or online for long-hour sessions, we will discuss everything in detail. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of all the five articles you submitted online during weekdays. Our weekend sessions are very intensive but we also take some time out of them for a few lighter moments. I always take care you don’t burn out; rather keep your energies intact.

Content Writing Certification

You will also receive a certificate from my institute. It will certify that you completed your specific content writing course successfully with your rating specified on it along.

In case you haven’t received a 100% rating, you are free to continue until you have reached the 100% mark.

That is the reason my content writing courses are open-ended varying in their duration from person to person.

Content Writing Services Bangalore

ServicesWould you like to provide content writing services in Bangalore or join one of them as a content writer? You can also start a content writing service not only in Bangalore but in any part of the world! I am asking it to you for the time after you have successfully completed your training with me.

By starting content writing services, you can earn way more than you can by joining them as a content writer. Anyway, the ultimate decision is going to be yours alone.

Content Writing Workshops

At times, I also keep conducting short duration workshop providing newer and newer content writing tips. You can join them as refresher sessions as and when they take place.

Refresher sessions are always good to put you back on track in case you have gone a little off-track anytime.

How to Make Money Writing Content OnlineContent Writing Books

Here is a useful content wring book that will help you in learning how to make money writing content online:

How to Make Money Writing Content Online

Disclosure: It’s an affiliate link and if you buy it from here, I’ll get a little compensation to refer it. But don’t worry, you will NOT be charged for that in their prices! In fact the sellers pay it from their own pocket.

I am referring it for its quality, not for my petty compensation.

It will really help you refresh your content writing skills step-wise even after you have completed your course with me.

You should always keep some such tools handy with you.

Content Writing USA

IdeasMy content writing courses are not only meant for Bangalore or for India alone. They are rather targeted at an international level. They are as good for content writing USA as they are for India, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, UK or Ireland. Also they are good for students from non-English speaking countries who want to enter the English speaking market.

Join me from wherever in the world you are and reap the benefits of my training!

You just need to give me a call on +919663666466 which my wife will be picking up. After talking to her, you can speak to me on video on my online app. Once I find you fit for admission, we will take it further from there.

1st Cross Road, 3030, Sai Darshan Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar
560008 Bengaluru


  • +919663666466
  • +919611633411

Email address



The Courses We Offer:

1. Verbal Communication Excellence Module:

  • Verbal Communication & Speech Fluency Course

  • Accent Neutralization Training

  • Pronunciation Correction Sessions

  • Voice Modulation & Diction Training

  • Basic Grammar Refresher Course

  • Vocabulary Building Techniques

2. Written English Excellence Module:

  • Creative Content Creation Course

  • Business/Website Content Creation Course

  • SEO Optimized Content Creation Course

  • Effective Email Writing Techniques

  • Effective Resume Writing Techniques

  • Effective Proposal Writing Techniques

3. Advanced Grammar Refresher Module:

  • A To Z Advanced Grammar Course for Students

4. Social English Interaction Module:

  • Public Speaking Confidence

  • Listening Attitude Development

  • Body Language Training

  • Presentation Skills Training

  • Interview Facing Skills

  • Telephonic Conversation Skills

  • Group Discussions

  • Debates

You can give us a call or email us on to join any of the above-mentioned courses and once you have done so, we will convey to you how to complete the rest of the formalities before you start attending your classes.

Opening hours

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